Exploring Concepts and Processes

After developing a larger set of concepts, we’ve sketched out a more solid narrative for ten ideas and decided on which concepts resonate most with our user research and the needs of the space. Now that we’ve got a clearer idea of what we can bring to the space, we’re planning on creating and testing storyboards with people in the park.

We decided on this exercise of iterating storyboards by collaborating with people at the park because of the difficulties surrounding the large-scale prototypes involved. The storyboards also provide a narrative of how the object relates to the world around it, which is something very hard to conceive with flat 2-dimensional paper prototypes. Other than this rationale, it’s pretty exciting to see how this will play out! Having never really tried to validate a storyboard, we’re interested in seeing how effective such a design-specific artifact can communicate our ideas and goals to people on the street. This type of validation also brings us back to the environment where we plan on implementing, thus making sure that our participants are in the right context and frame of mind.

We have some worries that people might not be responsive to our questions or might misinterpret how we communicate in our storyboards, but we hope that this exercise will allow us to both iterate on our ideas for making the park more social and iterate on how we as designers approach the act of creating storyboards.

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