Top 9 Concept Storyboard

Stop Look Interact Ideas

 Idea #1 – Wall of Selfies

Idea1b Idea1a

Samantha is walking through the park when she notices a new display on the old Nordstrom wall. She sees a collage of selfies. Stopping to observe, she sees her friend Karen who had snapped a selfie a few days before while at a taco truck here in Westlake. She decides to tweet her friend about the image. Samantha then notices the hashtag displayed at the bottom. Excited to see who might see her here at Westlake, she decides to take a funny selfie of her and her shopping bag. She tweets the image with the hashtag and it pops up on the wall.

Idea #2 – Connected Pots

Idea2b idea2a

Nathan is walking through the park on Saturday on his way to meet some friends for lunch. He notices that something is different – the band around the flower pots are blinking. Interested to see what’s going on, he touches one of the pots. Across the park, another pot lights up and sings next to a lady waiting for a bus. She’s alarmed by the sound, looks at the pot, and touches it to figure out what’s happening. When she does, the pot next to Nathan responds. She looks up and sees him next to the music. Nathan responds, and quickly they begin seeing if they can make music using the pots as instruments.

Idea #3 – Remote Puzzles


Rachel is walking out of Westlake Center and on her way to do some shopping with friends. As they leave the bus tunnel and walk outside, they see a screen displaying a feed of people walking by above a game of 2048. Rachel, interested to see what her favorite bored at work game is doing on the sidewalk, walks over and swipes some tiles. She hears the screen bing and someone on the screen stops and looks at the camera and thus at her. The guy walks up to the screen and swipes a tile, which Rachel sees move across the board. Her board then bings. They continue to play for awhile before the guy decides to cross the park to see where the cute stranger might be playing.

Idea #4 – Group Rendering Images & Concept 2+4 – Image Trivia

Idea4a Idea4b Idean4c

Mark is sitting in the park having lunch when he looks up and sees a strange display hanging from the Arch. He shrugs and dismisses it, but as more people visit the park to have their lunch on this sunny weekday, he notices the display changing. Slowly, an image comes into focus.

[Adding Concept 4]

Mark then notices at the bottom of the display a message “Lunch Trivia – Guess the image for a free lunch at the Taco Truck! – Text your answer to #5546”. He pulls out his cellphone and texts “Fremont Troll” to the number. As he finishes his lunch and gets ready to go back to work he gets a text – “This is the Westlake Arch – Looks like you won this round! Swing by the concierge to claim your coupon!”

Idea #5 – Musical stairs and lighted arc


Sarah and Helen work in Nordstorm right across the Westlake park. They walk up to the food truck near Westlake park to get their lunch and sit on the stairs to have lunch. Sarah sits on the first step and Helen walks up to the one higher. As Helen steps on a stair she is surprised to hear xylophones. She walks up and down the stairs and realises that she is creating music with this particular instrument. Helen notices another person walking up and down another set of steps and a different musical instrument plays. The two of them, strangers to each other work together to create a melodious tune. Sarah who is having lunch enjoys the music that is being created by people walking on the stairs.

Idea #6 – Magical Trees


Everyday Jack walks through Westlake park to his workplace after getting off the bus. He usually takes a particular path through the park. One day as he goes between the trees he notices the trees light up and hears different nature sounds. As he goes through the next set of trees, the last set of trees fade away and the next set lights up. Jack is surprised and feels the experience very magical. Jessica, a visitor to Seattle was standing close by, heard the sound, and saw the trees light up. She was curious to see what was happening and starts walking through the trees and spends some time living the magical experience.

Idea #7 – Guess The Next Move


John and Wilson are champs of the chess game that is played in Westlake park. There are many passers by who stand there and watch the game. The chess mat is an interactive mat where the moves made on the mat are projected on the big wall near the arc. People in the park get a push notification asking if they would like to guess the next move that will be made in the game. Samuel who is basking in the sun near the arc is also interested in chess game. He can now watch the game by sitting in the plaza and he can guess the next move by texting his answer. If his answer is right he goes on top of the leader board and the top two people from the leader board can play the next game. This way people are learning the game and can be a part of it virtually from another part of the park.

Idea #8 – Showing Interest


Sammy is walking through the park and notices some interesting topics pinned to the wall. He meanwhile gets a notification asking if he would be interested in joining a conversation or pin a topic that he is interested in discussing. He notices that the topics are being pulled to boxes with the table number and the table changes to the color assigned to the topic. Sammy posts a topic and notices table 2 is empty so he pulls the topic to the table 2 box and sits at the table. The table and chair turn blue, which is the color assigned to his topic. Eric is interested in the topic Sammy posted and he joins him to exchange views. Once they are done talking they bid goodbye and leave the table. The table and chair changes to its original color and is available for the next topic of discussion.

Idea #9 – People Opinion



Seattlites know Westlake park for the protests and rallies that happen in the park. Michael, who is organising an event at the park is interested in knowing how the public feels about his issue. He creates a cause and a hashtag to which people can voice their opinions. When he has the event published he includes the hashtag information. The Arch displays the causes and the pillars change color based on the numbers of agreement and disagreement. There are rotating causes that are scheduled in relation to rallies. If people can’t show up to the event , they just vote their opinion and the result shows up on the Arch. This is more valuable to Michael because even if people can’t show up to an event, there’s still a presence showing the number of people who care.



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