HCDE and the Public Space

After working on our concepts, we have arrived at our final presentation. While we have only been able to explore the Research and Ideation phases of Human-Centered Design in depth for the design of public spaces, we feel as though we have learned more about our process through our constant reflection.

This project has shown us that the core principles of Human-Centered Design stretch far outside the realm of digital interfaces and into the physical landscape around us. Through this process, we have been able to find common ties that bind our design philosophy with other design areas including urban planning, architecture, and public services. We have also found common academic ties with like-minded individuals in Sociology and Anthropology. The progress that we have made in understanding how people shape public space and how public space fits into the lives of the public only acts to solidify our convictions that this approach to interdisciplinary design reaches far outside the technological scope in which it was first created.

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