Persona Research: Events Timeline in Westlake Park Center

In the process of developing personas this week, we wanted to focus on refining our project goals based on our identified current park users. Below is  list of current park users based on our field observations:

Current Park Users

1) Stakeholders : Organizers, merchants, authority figures
2) Visitors
3) Locals, Transients, Event goers (music , protests, sport events).

Last week we identified our project goal as the following:

Project Goal : Make people love their city by converting “downtown locals” ( people who currently come to the park for entertainment, shopping, eating, play) into “event goers”. In order to dig deeper into the parks’ usage we wanted to ensure that Westlake Park is known to host events. Here is the research we did. We also came up with an Events Timeline of Westlake Park to backup our personas.


Not only have we found that Westlake Center has been an events hub in the past years, it has also been a central location to organized international and national events connecting multiple communities to each-other. For example, Occupy Seattle protests were held in response to events happening in NYC. The Prop 8 rally was organized for locals in solidarity with decisions being made in California. Similarly, the Egyptian rally of 2011 was a response to events happening as far away as the Middle East, connecting local residents to the larger international community. More details will be added to the Events Timeline as we further develop our research.

Events Timeline of  Westlake Park

2014  February
  • Working Washington, February, rally and protest in Westlake Park to bring $15/hour minimum wage to Seattle and Washington State
2014  January
2013  July
  •  Protest about Trayvon Martin’s murder and Zimmerman trial in Westlake Park
  • In Progress
2011    January
2010  October 

            Occupy Seattle Protest

2009   May
  • A Prop 8 “Day of Decision” rally is planned for tonight beginning at 5:30 p.m. in Westlake Center Park, with various organizations calling attention to the gay rights movement, and specifically to show “solidarity” with Californians after a setback for them today. “Let’s take this opportunity to show our solidarity with California, but let’s also realize the important moment in history we are witnessing by taking this opportunity to peacefully continue the conversation about who we are and what we want.”